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Amazing Unique form of Rebirthing. Clear all emotional blocks and all depression, sadness, fear, anger, shock, trauma which has built up over a lifetime, in only 3 simple sessions…
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Counseling with Xenia is the perfect way to clear up and shed light on issues which are troubling you… Get a clearer, easier, better and more useful perspective on life and on yourself.
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Clearing, Healing and Balancing

A deep healing session which unblocks, releases and gently soothes, heals and brings into balance your energy centers and physical, emotional and even mental pain.
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Space Clearing

The spaces in which we live are imprinted with old, outdated and negative energy patterns too! Clear them easily and effectively and live in a fresh, clear, flowing space!
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Why “Yes! We Are Stars”?
Because we are truly amazing…
Because we create our own reality…
Because we can heal ourselves and our lives…
Because there is no such thing as fate – only what we want our lives to be…

Xenia Aidonopoulou

I have worked on myself for many years now, Rebirthing with Xenia though is something completely different. It is an unbelievable experience… I feel in charge of myself and my life ( and i don’t know that i have ever felt this way before… )
– Stavroula, Athens.
The session yesterday was really wonderful. I came very upset and angry and left happy and relaxed.
– Vasilis, Athens.
It is impressive how easily Rebirthing with Xenia brings to the surface old forgotten traumas and wounds so that they can be recognised and healed. Her sweet warmth and honest interest help this healing to the maximum. I thank her.- E.S. Athens.
I feel that everyone can benefit from this type of therapy. It really is grounded, practical and very clear sighted.

– Kyriaki, Athens.

…I learnt how to live to make myself happy and not everyone else as i had been taught to… This was a wonderful feeling of freedom.

– Maria, Athens.

…it is above and beyond the most amazing fantasies and hopes. My goals and dreams for the future have stopped being part of a general philosophical discussion and have already began taking material form.

– Giannis, Athens.

I feel very different, i have crossed many big roads with a new strength inside me, thank you.- Anna, Athens.
Rebirthing with Xenia is something magical, i went very deeply, in a short amount of time and was surprised… It is something outside of our logic, it is magic…- Helen, Athens.
It is like 10 years of stress and weight have been lifted from my life…

– Georgia, Cyprus.

I feel in love with everything around me…

– Anna, Athens.

It is a unique experience which anyone who wants to be free from the blocks to personal growth and happiness must experience.

– Effie, Athens.

Amazing, Unbelievable, Magical, Powerful, Wonderful, Warm, Freeing…………….

– Vaso, Athens.

I was able to change my stance and mind about issues in my life which were holding me back both in my physical and spiritual development.

– Kostas, Athens.

Like i was living in a grey winter, walking hunched over, loaded up with heavy clothes and now Spring has come, stroking my mind and my soul.

– Vicky, Athens.

Thank you so much for everything, you make all the difference in my life, you give me strength and hope, thank you.

– Maria, Athens.

I am happy to have met you and trusted you. You are magical. Thank you.- Argyro, Korinth.
I feel wonderful, strong and a philosopher and i always think of you because it is all ( in part ) thanks to you.- Effie, Athens.
I have lots of news – i feel very good with myself and i am doing many new things. Rebirthing with Xenia works!

– Maro, Athens.

…patterns which we don’t need leave quietly, memories and situations are lit up positively, the puzzle of our personal adventure is put in order. You now have comfortable access to your inner wealth and a relaxed and positive outlook in your everyday life.

– Anna, Athens.

I gained strength and self confidence and also a positive outlook. I am also more often in contact with my strength and I channel it more in the right way and not aimlessly… I am able to guide my life more positively and effectively and without the fear that I had.

– Depy, Athens.

It is an unbelievable experience. Within one month I was able to move forward on a professional level and calm down on an emotional level. I feel strong, well and alive…

– Stavroula, Athens.

I thank Xenia who is so sweet and supportive and who in winning my trust helps me to make big steps in the attainment of my dreams!

– Sofia, Athens.

Xenia’s energy was a catalyst for me. It flowed through me calmly, healing me, at times warm, at times refreshing, it metamorphosed into my quality of energy, revealing things to me. I am grateful to her.

– Sotiria, Athens.

I am grateful that I met you and that you open up for me new horizons of freedom and that you wake up the truth and beauty that i have inside of myself.

– Giannis, Athens.

Xenia Aidonopoulou is an elite alternative therapist and a wonderful person. She was able within 4 sessions to relieve me of years of pain ( arthritis, migraines, painful shoulder syndrome ) and she helped me to discover inside myself a strength which put color and hope into my life.

– Georgia, Athens.

I thank my good luck that i came into contact with Rebirthing which helped me to deal with my life and keep myself in a stable condition without medications.

– Efrosini, Athens.

My meeting with Xenia was a very good conjuncture which gave me the possibility of meeting a person who is honest and refined, with hyper-sensitive radar-like awareness and to put into practise the technique of Rebirthing, which had brilliant results in the development of my awareness and in my self-improvement.

– Stevie, Athens.

I have a lot of strength inside myself now and I am enjoying my life, a feeling that I had never felt.

– Selini, Athens.

I still feel wonderful after my session with you. You are wonderful. And I have been left amazed with what you did, i wasn’t expecting to feel like this and i wasn’t sure what to expect. I think that you do amazing work helping others to feel better.

– Indi, USA.

I really do believe in the work that Xenia does. It positively affected me and my life even from the fist session.

– Kyriaki, Athens.

The truth is that whatever I say about Xenia is not enough. In her I met a wonderful therapist and a rare person, unique, who honestly was interested… I feel emotions I had never felt before and my mind opened up… she is my guardian angel!

– Christina, Athens.

Discussion with Xenia inspires calmness and a belief in yourself. Rebirthing with Xenia was something completely new for me. During the session, I felt unbelievable energy increasing and increasing. At the end of the session I was a child with a quiet heart and mind. It is an experience which I will not forget and which I will for sure repeat.

– Anastasia, Athens.

A breath of positivity and hopefulness blew into my life and flooded me with a feeling of strength and success. I feel sure about myself, stronger and ready to move forward with my life, free from the fears of the past.

– Effie, Cyprus.

…I felt so good that I wanted to go out and run, to jump, to dance from all the energy. It has been a long time since I felt like that… And I am still becoming aware of the changes which are developing inside and around me…

– Antonio, Athens.

My friends have noticed the change in my behaviour and mood, I am calmer, I don’t get annoyed and become angered easily any more, I am gentler with others and also with myself, I focus more on the positive side of things, I have a more positive outlook.

– Lina, Athens.

Rebirthing is perhaps something that people who haven’t done it cannot understand. I have who have experienced it, feel like I have been born again! I think Xenia very much because I feel like she guided me in the right way, she was clear and concise both before and also during the session…

– Sofianna, Athens.

With great joy I am seeing how consistently and with stability I am dealing with the challenges of my every day life, without the stress and worry and despair I used to have… I am seeing that the changes that have taken place in me are positively affecting my child also.

– Katerina, Cyprus.

I thought that it would be frightening to deal with my pain but it was nothing like that. Quite the opposite… it was like I was a part of the universe, and I felt a part of the universe and I felt like the universe was made ( also ) for me!

– Maria, Cyprus.

Having had a difficult childhood and adult life, I visited Xenia, who helped me unimaginably… I now feel free, independent, I breathe deeply, I feel joy, happiness, I laugh, sing… I want to yell out loud to everyone: “Can you hear me, I am happy!”

– Ioanna, Athens.

“This girl can help me” I thought to myself and so indeed it happened!… I feel for the first time at 38 years old happy and positive!

– Katerina P., Athens.

I think that anyone who feels they need to see a psychologist or before they begin taking any kind of medication for depression should visit Xenia and do Rebirthing with her. It is amazing to feel SO good and light.

– Maria, Athens.

I still don’t know which power brought Xenia onto my path who with the selfless sensitivity, understanding and warmth which characterize her offered me the support and help that I needed.

– Katerina, Athens.

It was what I needed to come back into contact with myself, to care about and look after me, to free myself from my many emotional weights and to be able to find again the hope and positive outlook in both my thoughts and emotions.

– Kyriaki, Athens.

I feel that Xenia is one of the very few people who understand me, who understand what i have been through and the only person who can help me and actually so much in such a short space of time.- Theoharis, Athens.
Rebirthing with Xenia really is like being reborn, an amazing experience which i warmly recommend to all who want to change themselves for the better on deep levels.

– Antonio, Athens.

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