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Dear Xenia,

Since I have met you my life has changed. Through the telephone sessions which we have done my self-confidence has changed for the better. Your manner and sweet voice help me to relax and open my heart, you are such a sweet and open person.

I want to thank you very much for being by me and for allowing me to open my heart. I want you always to be well, my wish is that through these few lines other people will find help. You are a wonderful person.

With lots of love.


Igoumenitsa, Greece

I called Xenia and we began counseling sessions over the phone since I live in rural Greece.

The long distance between us was not a factor for me because Xenia from the first moment gave me the feeling of a very warm person with love and understanding, with a very sweet voice who listens to my thoughts, my worries, answers my questions, explains my dreams to me, helps me to get my anger out with various exercises, helps me to deal with my emotions, to deal with my worries. She advices me on how to deal with issues that come up pertaining to my children, my husband, we talk about my fears and insecurities, she gives me courage so that I can find my strength again and myself.

We also communicate via email and whenever i want to discuss an issue we book a telephone session and talk. She is like a good friend who listens to what i have in my soul, gives me ways to express myself, things only for me.

Today, i feel better, stronger, I know I am going to make it. I am sure that I will find my balance.

With a lot of love.


Volos, Greece

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