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A few words about Xenia Aidonopoulou

Xenia Aidonopoulou has been exploring her inner self and the fields of creativity, emotion, expression, self-awareness, healing and self-healing for many many years, starting in earnest in 1990 on her own personal quest for the simple, happy and joyful life which she had dreamt about, read about, felt within herself and yearned for.

Xenia Aidonopoulou

Widely read and always learning, her formal studies before she went on to study healing have included a Bachelor of Arts, Photography and also Jewelry Design and Manufacture (Gold and Silversmithing), in which she excelled.

Xenia is Greek-Australian, born in Athens Greece, she moved to Australia at a relatively early age due to her parents divorce and finished her schooling and many difficult life lessons in the isolated and often harsh and brutal society and landscape of Australia. She returned to her home country permanently in 1999, she now resides in Athens, and she is currently the only person in Europe offering the advanced healing methods she offers today. Xenia found her teacher Petrene Soames in early 1999 and has been working with her ever since.

During her time with Petrene, Xenia decided to study healing and has been working helping many other people to better health and happiness since 1999.

Xenia speaks both Greek and English fluently and sessions with her can be conducted easily in either language.

Xenia has written articles, given talks and spoken on radio and television about her work, presenting for a while her own show on the local Athenian vegetarian television network. She is always available for interesting invitations to do more of these activities.

A vegan since 1999 and a vegetarian for 4 years before that at an earlier age, Xenia is also very knowledgeable about nutrition, fitness and food issues.

Xenia has been described as beautiful, fit, healthy, optimistic, warm, sunny, sweet, cute, funny, intelligent, a fast learner, hard-working, compassionate, loving, a lifesaver, a diamond, a light and many other nice things besides.

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